How to Hire the Right Commercial Snowplowing Service

November 15th, 2017

Commercial Snowplowing service, Seasonal Landscape SolutionsChicago home and business owners know that winter should be taken very seriously, which is why most property owners choose to hire a Commercial Snowplowing Service before the first snowfall occurs. Of course, there are plenty of companies offering Commercial Snowplow services in the area, but the services offered and the quality of service offered by each of these companies is a little bit different. Read on to find a few tips for hiring the right snowplowing service in the greater Chicagoland area.

Knowledge and Experience

Make sure the company chosen has the knowledge and experience to safely operate equipment and provide professional-quality snow removal. Any Commercial Snowplowing Service should hire only licensed operators who are capable of working quickly and avoiding property damage even under extreme weather conditions, such as snowstorms and blizzards, when their services will most likely be required.

Adequate Research

It’s easy enough to find basic background information on a company online. Check out their website, read some reviews, and consider asking around in the community to see if other business owners in Algonquin and the surrounding areas are happy with the services they have received. Keep in mind that no amount of online research can replace a phone conversation or an in-person visit to the company’s headquarters.

Look for Comprehensive Service

Many companies that offer commercial snow plowing also offer landscaping services. Hiring a company that has experience providing landscaping and maintenance through all four seasons rather than just the winter makes managing these services less of a hassle. So, consider choosing a plowing service that also does spring clean-ups and at least basic landscaping maintenance.

Ask About Emergency Response Services

Not all plowing companies offer emergency response services, which can leave commercial property owners out of luck should a surprise storm leaves feet of snow blanketing the parking lot. Brick-and-mortar businesses can only make money if their customers can access their properties year-round, so make sure to ask about emergency response times during periods of heavy snow.

Get Started Now

It may not seem like it, but winter is just around the corner. North Chicago business owners should get started looking for a snow plowing company now to make sure they are in good shape when that first winter storm hits.

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June 22nd, 2017


Commercial Landscaping Benefits

June 3rd, 2016

First impressions mean a great deal to business owners. Business can achieve that lasting and important good first impression if they seek out the help of a professional landscaping company to beautify their commercial properties.

As you welcome your guests and clients into your building, you will care about their opinion, because the building represents your taste and your business. You’ll have to create a personalized and unique outdoor setting that expresses the kind of people work there. But this may prove too much to handle because, let’s face it. You probably don’t have a degree in art and you’re too busy to set aside your precious time to get into this personally. But you can hire a professional landscape architect or company to do it for you!

For the sake of argument, let us compare 2 similar buildings and let’s say they’re both centers where people can get inspiration to come up with new ideas. Building A is a typical building with normal 90-degree angles, glass windows, metal railings and cemented pavement, while building B has been aesthetically designed by an idealistic architect and it has curves and angles on every possible side that you can imagine; plus it has an incredible landscape, water feature, patio and walkways, Gecko-Roman sculptures, retaining walls etc.!

Which one do you think will people be interested to go into and work for? Wouldn’t it be building B? My thoughts exactly! And that’s because building B has all the things an artist needs to get inspiration from. I think Google, Facebook and Silicon Valley have proven this with their buildings and work environment – it works!

Professional commercial landscaping benefits include:

Physical and Psychological

According to the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, the resale value of the property can be increased by 14% due to landscaping. Imagine that! Suppose your commercial property is worth $10 million, then 14% added value of that is roughly $1.4 million, bringing in a total commercial net worth of $11.4 million upon resale. Clients consider businesses that have beautiful landscaping as meticulous and proactive; thus, most of them are willing to take a risk in doing business with you. I can’t tell you enough how that will positively affect your business.

Physical and Psychological
Recently, British Journal of Sports Medicine published their research that says nature is actually good for your health. When the idea of landscaping began not so long ago, they probably did not had this in mind, but I bet they were nature lovers. Well, aren’t we all? The researchers find that employees become more productive if the workplace was beautified with soft aesthetics that is already present in nature, and all the landscape architect has to do is harness it into the commercial property space. Having a landscape also helps reduce stress.

The U.S. Department of Energy said that landscaping helps cool the environment by as much as 25° Fahrenheit and given enough space for the gardens to crouch across a vast plain filled with commercial properties, it most certainly will have regional and probably global effects which are beneficial to all life on Earth. We already know that plants consume carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and that it reduces the greenhouse effects of air pollution, so having a landscape in your place of business makes you an unconscious nature lover yourself! Think about it! It’s probably one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Here at Seasonal Landscape Solutions we emphasize on retaining walls to maximize the space of your commercial property for landscaping aesthetics. Here are some of the types we offer:

Seat Walls
Planter Walls
Hillside Installation
Retaining Walls
Decorative Walls
Garden Walls
Natural Stone
Stream Bank Stabilization

Landscaping helps the environment by:

Improved air quality
Natural resource conservation
Reduced soil erosion
Water quality protection
Reduced heat build-up
Rainfall retention

Now that you are aware of the benefits of commercial landscaping, you can evaluate your place of business and talk to us on how we can help improve your commercial property.

Commercial Outdoor Patios

May 5th, 2016

                                                                                                           Commercial Outdoor PatiosCommercial Outdoor Patios
Commercial Outdoor Patios are frequently seen at any business. A commercial covered patio would be an ideal choice for an employee break area or even a beer garden. Commercial Outdoor Patios are a lot like patios in general; they are outdoor structures built mostly for dining or recreational purposes.
Commercial Outdoor patios are almost like a covered outdoor room, or an area with an awning and can be built to just about any size imaginable. Commercial outdoor patio provides refuge from the sun, keeps employees from getting wet in the rain.
When it comes to enjoying a fine meal or a few drinks with friends, it’s hard to beat the pleasure of dining in a relaxing outdoor space. Commercial patio umbrellas are also frequently seen at any business where there is swimming. Commercial patio furniture is perfect for virtually any business.
Covered patios allow guests to enjoy their time with family and friends in a nice shaded, covered area while waiting on their food.

A commerical outdoor patio provides refuge from the sun, gives your family a place to gather for outdoor dinners, and allows you to sit and watch the rain on a drizzly day without getting wet. Without a covered patio, you have to consider many factors for buying furniture, such as how the climate will affect the furniture that you purchase.
With over 25 years of combined experience and education, Seasonal Landscape Solutions can provide our customers with a unique combination of landscape construction skills to tackle any project. We are very creative at Seasonal Landscape Solutions and can help you take the ideas in your head and make them a reality. For many of our projects, we provide fully customizable drawings so you have an exact sketch of the work.
Contact Seasonal Landscape Solutions for your FREE consultation today!

Outdoor Fireplaces

March 30th, 2016

Hardscape projects located in Chicago, Illinois utilizing Belgard Hardscape product.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Get more out of that outdoor time with a fire feature that adds an attractive light source and warmth during the unpredictable temperatures of March. Here are some options for incorporating a fire feature in your outdoor space:

Fire pit
A fire pit is one of the most versatile fire features available because it can accommodate both an intimate evening for two and also a large gathering of friends and family. Varying sizes ensure there’s an option to fit every backyard.

A fireplace is a great choice for homeowners looking to create a statement centerpiece to their outdoor living space. With options to create a custom-designed fireplace or choose from a variety of pre-built modular choices from the Belgard Elements Collection, you’re sure to find just the right fit for your home’s style.

Fire table
A fire table is a lesser known option in fire features, but it certainly creates a contemporary and cool atmosphere to light up the night. Fire tables create visual interest and are often a topic of conversation when gathering outdoors with friends. When not in use, a cover over the fire element creates additional table-top space.

Outdoor kitchen
Bring on the heat with an outdoor kitchen that not only provides light and warmth, but does triple duty in cooking a delicious meal you can enjoy in your outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens range from modest to gourmet and the choice is yours!

What fire feature would you most like to add to your patio?

February 2016 Spring Guide to Planning.

February 3rd, 2016

February 2016 Spring Guide to Planning.

January is over and Spring in near. When the sun starts shining and the days get warmer, people start thinking about spring landscape project ideas. These landscape projects can be something simple like cleaning out the flower beds and raking the leaves. It can even be the yard that you always dreamed of – you know the one with a water park and a walkway paved with gold. Ok – maybe not that extreme, but not all landscape projects have to be dreams. Make it a reality and begin planning in the winter months.


Yes that is right – create a landscape design plan. Here are some questions to consider before starting the project.

How long will you be at the house? –This helps with budget and prioritizing phases of the landscape project.
How will you be using the space? – Entertainment? Family or pet friendly?
What is your style? Modern? Contemporary? Eclectic? Asian? Tropical?
What elements of landscape design do you want or need on your property? Hardscapes – Patio, walkways? Plantings? Outdoor living areas? Outdoor kitchens – Built-in grill? Fire Features – Fire Pit? Water features – Waterfalls, ponds? Pool? Deck? Putting green? Sports court – Basketball, tennis? The ideas can be endless…
Now you have some questions to guide you through the process of creating your landscape design plan. The next thing to think about is – Should you hire a landscape designer? Or do the design yourself?

There are benefits to working with a landscape designer. Their knowledge and experience can make the landscape design process run much smoother and quicker. Some landscape design and build companies have a specific design process. Landscape designers can take all of your big picture ideas and create a realistic plan that works with your budget and time. It can also help you make decisions on prioritizing your needs with the landscape project.

So now you know the first steps of creating a landscape design – What are your spring landscape ideas?

Patios and Walkways

January 19th, 2016

When it comes to designing patios and walkways, you get a range of options to choose from. Depending on your preferences, you can go for one or all of the following options.

Block retaining wallsare useful for a variety of reasons, including controlling erosion and water drainage, removing a slope that is hard to mow, or for the levelling of an uneven patio area. These walls are also useful for complementing your patio or landscape and beautifying the garden space.

Seat walls help in adding extra seating area to your outdoor. Typically, these walls are low (less than 20”). Apart from providing seating, these walls also help in making the outdoor look more beautiful. Seat walls are ideal for gardens and backyard patios.

Built in grills enable your background for outdoor grilling, making them a perfect choice for cooking for your family or for hosting parties. There are numerous customization options available in built in grills that ensure the grills perfectly complement your outdoor.

Pergolas serve as a shaded area in the garden. Pergolas can be a shaded walkway or a sitting area featuring vertical pillars or posts. By combining shade and structure, pergolas can add a lot of beauty to the outdoor. Pergolas were a regular feature of Italian Renaissance gardens.

Gazebos also provide shelter or shade to a landscape. Unlike pergolas, which stand on pillars or posts, gazebos are free-standing structures and have a peaked roof. Typically, they are polygon with 6 to 8 sides. In addition to the roof, gazebos also have seats around their perimeter.

Brick ovens can be used for a variety of baking purposes, such as for baking pizzas, breads or apple pies. While it takes a few days to build a brick oven, it can several weeks for it to dry and be ready for use. The design of brick ovens can be customized to suit the outdoor.

These are some ideas for designing patios and walkways. Contact us to know more!

Natural Stone for Commercial Hardscapes

December 2nd, 2015

Natural Stone for Commercial Hardscapes

For most people, getting from one point to another on a commercial property is quite simple. People don’t bother too much about the surface they are walking on as long as they are walking in the right direction. The only times people notice the surface is when it has some issues; the surface could be loose, slippery or even missing. You don’t want visitors on your commercial property to come across these issues. It is also important that your visitors should have no confusion about the path they need to take to reach a certain destination.
The material used in creating pathways plays a crucial role in ensuring their durability as well as providing clarity and ease-of-understanding for visitors. In an earlier article, we had looked at the use of clay pavers for hardscaping. In this article, we look at natural stone as a material for hardscaping surface.

Natural Stone for Hardscaping:
Granite provides a safe and non-slippery surface, if left as unpolished. Also, because of its natural color, granite is resistant to stains and does not fade. And not to forget, the biggest advantage of granite is its strength, which makes it highly durable. Being a natural stone, granite doesn’t deteriorate and can handle all types of weather.
Limestone is one of the hardest sedimentary rocks. This rough-looking natural stone is usually found in subtle gray and tan tones, in places such as the ocean floor. Limestone is a highly porous stone, and thus is slip resistant because it can easily absorb water.
Travertine is very similar to limestone when it comes to water absorption capabilities. This natural rock provides very good grip when walking. Travertine is particularly useful during the hot summers of Chicago because it can stay cool even under extreme heat. Also worth mentioning about travertine is its long lifetime; when maintained well, this material can last for years.
With years of experience in commercial hardscaping, Seasonal Landscapes can help you choose the most appropriate material for the surface of your commercial property.
Contact us to know more!

Why Should You Consider Commercial Hardscaping?

October 5th, 2015

A facility with a well- designed façade sets a defined and sophisticated impression from the customers. Adding some hardscaping features to your establishment’s exterior may help improve your business presence. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, hardscaping also serves several purposes to your property. Below are several reasons why you should consider commercial hardscaping. Let’s find out!
The Benefits of Commercial Hardscaping
1. Creates a Coherent Path for Customers
Customers may find it difficult to navigate on big properties. A hardscape, like low- set walls, can make a clear path for customers to follow.
2. Restricts Traffic in Some Property Zones
Some areas of your facility are limited to employees only. Adding hardscape features can help restrict customers from these zones through fences that seamlessly blend with the property design.
3. Manages Patchy Landscapes
Hardscaping manages to improve uneven ground or patchy landscapes of your facility. Hardscape features, such as patios and stairways, are two commercial techniques to restore the overall landscape appearance.
4. Limits Heat Exposure
One area of your property might be exposed to high day temperature, which may possibly be damaged after a long haul. Installing a hardscape wall is practical in shading your establishment that minimizes the heat exposure. Moreover, it improves the visual appeal of the property.
5. Improves the Quality of Your Property
Saving your facility from damages is costly, yet worthwhile. Investing in a commercial hardscaping is a great deal to help prolong the quality of your property. Finding the best landscaping firm that values quality products and excellent services is the most important.
The above top five hardscaping benefits support the properties longevity, which lessens damages and expenses. Plan for a make-over and add some commercial hardscaping for your property.
Talk with us today! Seasonal Landscape Solutions is always available to give free consolations to improve your facilities exterior design.

The 5 Basic Rules in Creating Water Features

July 30th, 2015

Waterfall streaming into pondThe 5 Basic Rules in Creating Water Features

Landscaping adds value to your home by making it more appealing. In case you plan to make some home improvements, then you need to consider a few things. I think the Greeks and the Romans did the best job in landscaping; the patio, garden or flowerbed and some irrigation systems were the top 3 choices in yard beautification. To make your landscape even more dramatic, you might want to spice it up with the latest water feature. Here are the 5 basic rules in making them:

Rule #1) Aural Preference
The noise level or how quiet you want your water feature to be is crucial in making a decision to set it up in your backyard. Do you prefer a zen-like garden pond or a bubbling brook or something tranquil and quiet? Or are you the extravagant type of person and want a raging river or indoor small waterfalls as a finishing touch to your landscaping work? The size of your water feature and the rate of flow of the water in it is also important. You can make your yard a peaceful retreat even in a small space as long as you keep the aesthetics good. Installing a lagoon, bubbler or grotto will go a long way and it won’t overwhelm your landscape or budget.

Rule #2) Aquatic Appearance
Appearances can be deceiving some people say, but when it comes to landscaping deception is not the thing you go for, everybody will take your front yard or backyard at face value. So, don’t hold back in bringing out the best aesthetics that you can think of; for instance, you can add potted fish bowls, a birdbath or bubbler statues. Stream beds, floating lily pads or spurting fountains are also good. In-ground or above ground rock-lined pools or waterfall spas are something out of the ordinary, I personally recommend these.

Rule #3) Symmetrical Arrangements
Anything that’s out of place in your landscape will not only malfunction, but will be a less than attractive thing to see. It will also affect the overall appearance of your yard. So you’ll need to match each feature with the entirety of your yard. As a rule of thumb, whenever you position an item against the background of your yard, make sure that it is cleared off of foliage, debris or clogs. Setup the fountain where it is most visible or stack right in the middle of your yard or inside the pond itself to compliment it. In case you plan to install lighting, bridges or foot paths arrange them in a way that they serve a purpose and they add aesthetics to the whole yard.

Rule #4) Installing the Water Feature
There are water features nowadays that are packed DIY (do-it-yourself) kits; however, they are not as easy to install as an IKEA table or bed; it is a huge task. Therefore, you will need a professional to do it for you. Also, how do you know that you are getting the highest quality building materials and working parts? Though it is more expensive, hiring a professional to not only instal the feature but provide the materials and warranties is worth the price.
Rule #5) Considering the Price
Over-all value is what should come to mind when considering the price of having a water feature in your yard as a grand addition to the landscaping work. Out of the hundreds of landscaping firms in your area, it is almost certain that you will need to find one that offers the best price for the best quality in their products and services. If you are in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Seasonal Landscape Solutions would love to help you.

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