Commercial Landscaping Benefits

First impressions mean a great deal to business owners. Business can achieve that lasting and important good first impression if they seek out the help of a professional landscaping company to beautify their commercial properties.

As you welcome your guests and clients into your building, you will care about their opinion, because the building represents your taste and your business. You’ll have to create a personalized and unique outdoor setting that expresses the kind of people work there. But this may prove too much to handle because, let’s face it. You probably don’t have a degree in art and you’re too busy to set aside your precious time to get into this personally. But you can hire a professional landscape architect or company to do it for you!

For the sake of argument, let us compare 2 similar buildings and let’s say they’re both centers where people can get inspiration to come up with new ideas. Building A is a typical building with normal 90-degree angles, glass windows, metal railings and cemented pavement, while building B has been aesthetically designed by an idealistic architect and it has curves and angles on every possible side that you can imagine; plus it has an incredible landscape, water feature, patio and walkways, Gecko-Roman sculptures, retaining walls etc.!

Which one do you think will people be interested to go into and work for? Wouldn’t it be building B? My thoughts exactly! And that’s because building B has all the things an artist needs to get inspiration from. I think Google, Facebook and Silicon Valley have proven this with their buildings and work environment – it works!

Professional commercial landscaping benefits include:

Physical and Psychological

According to the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, the resale value of the property can be increased by 14% due to landscaping. Imagine that! Suppose your commercial property is worth $10 million, then 14% added value of that is roughly $1.4 million, bringing in a total commercial net worth of $11.4 million upon resale. Clients consider businesses that have beautiful landscaping as meticulous and proactive; thus, most of them are willing to take a risk in doing business with you. I can’t tell you enough how that will positively affect your business.

Physical and Psychological
Recently, British Journal of Sports Medicine published their research that says nature is actually good for your health. When the idea of landscaping began not so long ago, they probably did not had this in mind, but I bet they were nature lovers. Well, aren’t we all? The researchers find that employees become more productive if the workplace was beautified with soft aesthetics that is already present in nature, and all the landscape architect has to do is harness it into the commercial property space. Having a landscape also helps reduce stress.

The U.S. Department of Energy said that landscaping helps cool the environment by as much as 25° Fahrenheit and given enough space for the gardens to crouch across a vast plain filled with commercial properties, it most certainly will have regional and probably global effects which are beneficial to all life on Earth. We already know that plants consume carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and that it reduces the greenhouse effects of air pollution, so having a landscape in your place of business makes you an unconscious nature lover yourself! Think about it! It’s probably one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Here at Seasonal Landscape Solutions we emphasize on retaining walls to maximize the space of your commercial property for landscaping aesthetics. Here are some of the types we offer:

Seat Walls
Planter Walls
Hillside Installation
Retaining Walls
Decorative Walls
Garden Walls
Natural Stone
Stream Bank Stabilization

Landscaping helps the environment by:

Improved air quality
Natural resource conservation
Reduced soil erosion
Water quality protection
Reduced heat build-up
Rainfall retention

Now that you are aware of the benefits of commercial landscaping, you can evaluate your place of business and talk to us on how we can help improve your commercial property.

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