Kiln Dried Firewood Delivery

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Make Sure You Get the Firewood You Pay For! Many firewood dealers take advantage of unsuspecting customers by delivering less wood than was paid for. You can save yourself $$$ if you pay attention to the following tips:

  • Never buy wood that is sold by the piece. Piece sizes vary and the smaller pieces of wood, the less you receive.
  • Don’t buy firewood from a dealer that criss-crosses the stacks; this is the oldest trick in the book. You should understand that when a dealer is offering free stacking, the stack may appear correct but actually all you were receiving was air space.

All our firewood is kiln dried and picked from premium choice wood such as Red Oak, Mixed Hardwood, Cherry, and Hickory.

Because our wood is Kiln dried this ensures your wood will be insect and bug free when bringing it indoors.

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