Seasonal Landscape Solutions works hard to clear the snow, allowing you to get to work or school on time.

Planning for snow removal is critical for ensuring that your snow removal needs ate being met when the big storms hit. You can be confident that Seasonal Landscape Solutions will be there with prompt, efficient snow removal and de-icing services when the snow starts blanketing your property.

Commercial properties, condominium complexes, restaurants, specialty stores, residential properties: Seasonal Landscape Solutions can service them all. From plowing and salting parking lots and driveways, to shoveling and salting sidewalks, and hauling away snow, Seasonal Landscape Solutions has several trucks out working during even the worst snow events. Talk to your Seasonal Landscape Solutions representative for more information on these services and to take advantage of early season signup rates.

During the winter season, many landscaping companies keep their clients' driveways, pathways, roofs and landscapes clean and clear by offering a snow removal or snow plowing service. Seasonal Landscape Solutions works hard to clear the snow, allowing you to get to work or school on time.

Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing

Snow removal and snow plowing are terms which are often used interchangeably. But when you look at the definition of these terms, they are completely different. Snow removal refers to removing the snow from the site, while snow plowing refers to pushing it into a pile and leaving it on the property.
Snow Removal

Snow removal is:

  • More common in commercial settings - Businesses with large parking lots full of snow and not much space to store it.
  • Good for urban lots - On smaller properties, with no place to store a pile of snow until spring.
  • More expensive - Snow needs to be removed by trucked to another location. Snow removal is a pricier option than simply plowing.

Snow PlowingSnow plowing is:

  • More common in residential settings - Homes generally have room off the side of the driveway or on the lawn to leave a pile of snow until spring.
  • More economical - Snow plowing is more cost efficient to perform than snow removal, because there is no need to take the snow to another location for disposal.

Types of Snow Management Services

Snow management services are all about creating safe spaces around doors, front walkways, and driveways. Seasonal Landscape Solutions offers the following most common services.

  • Clearing driveways
  • Clearing front walkways
  • Using deicing products
  • Shoveling snow from roofs

Spring Clean-up Service

Spring clean-up service involves removing leaves, branches and other debris which have accumulated over the winter season, on grassy areas and landscape beds, and hauling away the debris from your property.

Winters can be difficult, and everyone wishes for an early. Rapidly melting snows combined with the cool, wet weather brings conditions that need immediate attention prior to the start of spring. Even with mild winters, there is always clean-up work to do to get your lawn and landscape ready for the growing season.

Having Seasonal Landscape Solutions take care of your spring clean-up allows you to enjoy the fresh spring air of spring without the worry of extra spring work. We can spend a couple of hours of cleaning things up, giving you a healthier and more vigorous landscape for the spring and summer months.

Fall Clean-Up Service

Fall clean-up services are a great way to prepare your lawn and property for the upcoming winter season. Fall clean-up service, like spring preparatory services, consist of removal of leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer season.

The end of the growing season gives you a chance to organize your trees, shrubs and planting beds. Fall offers a time to assess your plantings for diseases and fungal infections.

Therefore, as a professional landscape company, Seasonal Landscape Solutions works to help evaluate and minimize the amount of diseases and infections that survive winter by removing all debris prior to the first snowfall.

Understanding the planning process before meeting with our designers and architects will help to move the process along quicker. Please feel free to download our planning process so that you can properly prepare for our first meeting.

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